Protect your business from exchange rate losses!

As a tour operator you are always facing the risk that future payments in other currencies end up being more expensive than planned. Through our online platform you can book guaranteed exchange rates for future transactions, much cheaper and easier than through banks, without minimum volumes or base fees.

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Why hedge with Forexfix?

Simple You can book through our platform around the clock in just a few clicks. No opening hours, no 9-5, no waiting loops.

FlexibleYou can do as many transactions as you like- no minimum or maximum, no additional fees.

CheapThrough our platform you can access much better rates than through your bank, and there are no additional fees. Transparent and fair!

Protect yourself in less than a minute

  • Request a rate

    Input when your supplier is expecting which foreign currency payment.
  • Book hedge

    Receive an offer, and book your guaranteed future exchange rate in seconds.
  • Finish transaction

    You transfer the downpayment, and later the rest - and you are protected from currency fluctuations.

Well-known tour operators are already using us.

At SKR Travel we hedge our international business of tailormade holidays through Forexfix and are very happy with the service! Within the next year we will hedge seven figures (in USD) through Forexfix!

For a tour operator like us the solution is perfect: there is no minimum, no base fee or anything like that - and as an additional bonus all costs for the transfer itself are already included in the conversion. We can recommend the service without reservations!

Thomas Müller CEO SKR Reisen

As a tour operator specialized in Africa, Mahena Safaris was always exposed to currency fluctuations. The customers of Mahena Safaris often book trips up to 1,5 years in advance so it was difficult to calculate prices. Through Forexfix we can minimise currency risks for our customers and us, and offer more reliable pricing.

The exchange rates through Forexfix are very attractive and we have not seen anything comparable on the market; no hidden costs, no minimum, even for the recipient the receipt of funds comes without charges.

Diana Richter Owner Mahena Safaris

We organise shore excursions für cruise participants in Europe and in the Middle East, and we use Forexfix on a regular basis by now for our transactions to the Arab region. The execution has always worked flawlessly, the conditions are excellent and the website is very easy to use.

In addition, the platform is constantly being improved, and new, really useful features are added every couple of weeks. I can definitely recommend them.

Dr. Florian Berthold Founder TripUp GmbH

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By inputting an amount you fix the amount you send. The amount that the beneficiary receives is calculated by clicking on 'continue'.
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By inputting an amount you fix the amount the beneficiary receives. The amount that you send is calculated by clicking on 'continue'.
If you want to fix the amount that you send you have to fill the field "you send".
e.g. 100.000


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