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To do business abroad you often need to pay in foreign currencies. In this business banks any payment providers like Paypal take their cut everywere, partly through fees, but often also by providing much worse exchange rates than the actual ones. Through our true midmarket rates you can save more than 90% compared to banks, Paypal etc!

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Why pay through Forexfix?

Flexible You can do as many transactions as you like, without any minimum, maximum or any additional fees. No annoying rules or hidden fees.

ChinaPayments in USD to China, India, etc., incur no extra fees, and there are no limits on how much you can send.

CheapThrough our true midmarket rates we are simply cheaper than traditional banks, Paypal, Transferwiese, Azimo etc. Try it for yourself!

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    You transfer the money through your normal account, and we convert and forward it.

Traders are already using us:

Ecotrade has several suppliers abroad and we are using Forexfix for our foreign currency payments.

For an internationally active e-commerce shop like ours, Forexfix is perfect: there is no minimum, no base fee or anything like that - and through their exchange rates, Forexfix not only beats traditional banks on price, but also other payment providers.

Since a large part of our purchasing is done abroad, the savings we make through using Forexfix add directly to our profits. We are very happy so far and can recommend the service without reservation!

David Skodawessely Managing Director Ecotrade GmbH

We are "beard care" startup and buy beside our "Made in Germany"-products some components like packaging from foreign countries.

International payment through your local bank is very expensive. Forexfix is faster and over all much cheaper than others. That's why we switched all our international transfers to Forexfix. The saved money will be reinvested in our beards.

Valentin Manthei Managing Director Lusava GmbH

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By inputting an amount you fix the amount the beneficiary receives. The amount that you send is calculated by clicking on 'continue'.
If you want to fix the amount that you send you have to fill the field "you send".
e.g. 100.000


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