Pricing Forexfix

Forexfix guarantees fair and transparent exchange rates. We also provide foreign currency hedging which allows transfers to be made at a chosen date in the future. Details can be found in the following table:

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Sign Up fee
0€ / 0CHF
Monthly fee
0€ / 0CHF
Simple sign up process
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Foreign currency payment

Order fee
€6 / CHF6.5 - CHF7
no further fees
Transfer fee
In 33 currencies and 210 countries
0€ / 0CHF
USD payments worldwide
Through SWIFT
0€ / 0CHF
Transparent payment process
No hidden costs


Order fee
€6 / CHF6.5 - CHF7
no further fees
Hedging of an exchange rate
0€ / 0CHF
3% to 10%
depending on the settlement date
Guaranteed exchange rate
No surprise in the event of exchange-rate fluctuations
Change of payment date, order cancelation
No extra fee
Splitting the amount to different beneficiaries
0€ / 0CHF

See the pricing in action

Click on one of the following products to calculate an offer
Money transfer
Currency hedging
Beneficiary receives
By inputting an amount you fix the amount the beneficiary receives. The amount that you send is calculated by clicking on 'continue'.
If you want to fix the amount that you send you have to fill the field "you send".
You send
By inputting an amount you fix the amount you send. The amount that the beneficiary receives is calculated by clicking on 'continue'.
If you want to fix the amount for the beneficiary you have to fill the field "beneficiary receives".
is calculated
Protected exchange until
By choosing a date you secure a fix exchange rate until this date
Fees already included:
Guaranteed exchange rate:
Arrival at beneficiary:
Same day

Top Questions

Who is Forexfix?

Forexfix is a Berlin-based Fintech Startup. Forexfix was founded in 2016 by a team of highly experienced bankers and developers. The executive management has gained experience for more than 30 years within large companies like the KfW bank, the management consultancy McKinsey and the financial provider Hypoport. For further information, click here

Which documents do I need for the registration of Forexfix?

For the registration process, all you need to do is scan both sides of your passport and upload them on our website. We take care of the rest of the required documents (in most cases this includes a proof of address, a company registry extract and a credit check) - from your side, no further action is needed.

How long does it take to register and get verified?

We take the customer verification process and existing anti-money laundering laws very seriously, so the approval process takes between 1-5 days.

How long does a transaction via Forexfix take?

The exact transaction time depends on the country and bank account of the receiver. Past experience shows that it takes between 1-3 days until the transaction is booked on the account of the beneficiary.

How does Forexfix guarantee the safekeeping of my funds?

Funds kept in Forexfix for forward contracts are handled by our payment engine (01.03: Currencyloud Ltd) and stored in separate accounts. This gives you assurance that your money is safe in the unlikely event of an insolvency or liquidation of Forexfix.

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